Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, the increasingly difficult favourites

Let’s start with Patek Philippe, nowadays those who want to take Nautilus (Nautilus) and grenade (Aquanaut) empty-handed, I still advise people to break off their thoughts early – such a queue is ultimately a lonely queue, there is no point.

In the early two years my general advice is that PP formal watches from the annual calendar to buy, for one thing, I think more than 300,000 yuan this price (of course, after the price increase has been more than 40), the annual calendar is PP complications in the higher value for money (here to talk about value for money, is my fault).

Secondly, back in the day an annual calendar would have allowed you to buy a Nautilus without having to wait too long.

But the market changes, and this year it seems that even if you get a perpetual calendar, you still have to wait quite a long time,buy replica rolex because after all, the price has gone up and there are too many people who want it.

Here I am with a woman reader whose first PP was the women’s Perpetual Calendar 7140, but today, more than half a year later, her Nautilus 7118 has not yet arrived

Even at the million-dollar level, a piece of Star at over 2 million now requires a queue, a status quo that is only a year or two away.

For us, it’s a matter of adjusting our mindset. If you want to buy another formal watch for a popular sports model, I believe it can be achieved, but be prepared for a long wait. It would be much more comfortable to think differently and pick a favourite formal watch for yourself first, then treat the wait for a sports watch as a surprise.

Also, which formal watches are relatively easy to buy at PP at the moment? Annual calendars are already hot (even the 4948 with diamonds has a lot of people queuing up), perpetual calendars still have a chance. Men’s watches with complications like the 5172 at 600,000+ can all still be ordered too. And for women’s watches, personally I think the better looking ones include the 7121J (around 300,000), with the 7300 also being an option.

Interestingly, the competition is also fierce for the $1m+ models instead, with a slightly better chance at $600,000 to $700,000.

As for the Nautilus, I’ll use the women’s watches as an example, the models with diamonds have become more popular than the non-diamond models, for example, the 7118 with diamonds in steel is harder to get than the non-diamond ones, and the 7118 with diamonds in gold is also harder to get than the non-diamond models.

The rabbit foresaw this early on, and it’s up to everyone to decide what the trade-off is.

The difficulty factor for APs has skyrocketed over the years. As we approach the end of the year, we will have to wait and see what the policy is for next year, but for the time being, the rabbit’s personal advice is that starting with the CODE 11.59 is a better choice.

Not to mention the fact that this year’s new models are really great value.

The next best thing is the men’s offshore, where some models can be pre-ordered directly, although the waiting time is not yet set, but it is good to be able to order and look forward to.

It is interesting to note that the women’s Offshore 26231 has become a hit due to the influence of Little Red Book and is currently on the secondary market with a mark-up of nearly $100,000.

But rabbits must remind everyone to think about what they are looking for in a watch first – a watch to wear occasionally or for everyday wear?

Think of a quote from a certain netizen: “I wear most of my Chanel clothes once and shoot a video it’s mission is accomplished.” For them, a watch is pretty much the same role, wearing it to match their clothes for photos only, but the comfort of a watch is not something you can appreciate just by looking at the face. You feel it more deeply when you spend time together.

For girls who wish to wear it on a daily basis, I personally recommend this year’s new 77351, a 34mm size that is crucially too comfortable.

Don’t go big either, most Asian girls have enough wrists for this size

Most importantly, get it before it gets swarmed and don’t blame the rabbit for not warning you afterwards.

Rolex, as always, give up all unrealistic fantasies about popular steel watches, the bland green glass can be worked on instead.

You have to say to the merchant with a straight face: “It’s so cold, what else is there to match?”

As the saying goes, “once and for all”, I don’t think you can escape a gold watch, just pull up the ultimate goal now and make it happen.

The more luxurious day-date models, with their high prices, naturally don’t have any problem with matching.

I’m borrowing a reader’s chart for a moment, with a nominal price of around $500,000, and after buying it you can ask for the popular model

Around 300,000 for the day of the week calendar type, first of all, we are more familiar with the two 36mm, gradient blue plate and green plate, can be bought directly (of course, there are many shops, different policies, there will also be individual requests to match the goods), only the waiting time varies from shop to shop.

All the others are various special discs.

Two previous female readers got this peacock green log, all gold with diamonds, which is totally long on my aesthetic.

But there was some agitation about whether to go for the dogtooth ring version, which I of course declined – it’s come to this, don’t miss a step. After all, in my eyes, the obsession with dogtooth rings belongs only to men, and girls shouldn’t be afraid to shine.

Everyone’s favourite professional model, currently available straight away in all gold brown and black rimmed GMT, whoever mentions matching goods please be bold enough to refuse.

As well as the all-gold Ditonnas.

In fact, there are several other models that can be bought directly, but I won’t write about them for now because I was reminded by the dealer that “once you write about breaking the balance of supply and demand, you may have to allocate them”, so if you are interested, you can ask me in private.

Of course, because the availability of Rolex varies greatly from shop to shop, special dials are harder to find, so you’ll have to look harder to find them.

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