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I was a little surprised to see Ulysse Nardin take first place in the public vote for 5-10w. Compared to other big brands, Ulysse Nardin’s reputation is much lower, but we can see that Ulysse Nardin’s promotion in China over the past 2 years has been grounded, innovative and down-to-earth, with the customer as the main focus.

I personally like this series, the old model did not buy, thought there is no chance, who knows and resurfaced, Cartier is also spending efforts to promote to the young market, if successful, I think Cartier will do a great job on this series, the day before yesterday’s auction there is a fear of what the old model Tourbillon, the price is pleasing, I am moved ah.

The women’s watch over 20w was voted by the public as the VC, and to be honest, as long as it wasn’t the Baoji, but the jury elected the Baoji.

I have the impression that the Po Isis has taken the first place for 2 consecutive years, which means that the Queen of Naples is really beautiful, but also that other brands of women’s models have not improved, and if the next edition is still the Po Isis,Perfect Fake Watches UK we will give it a permanent prize, otherwise other new products will never have a chance to stand out. Let’s go for it.

Men’s formal wear

Within 2w, the judges and the general public were all in favour of Longines, a brand with a precise positioning.

2-5w Cartier, this year’s women’s formal wear also won the prize, matching watches

5-10w Jaeger-LeCoultre, this year also won the prize for women’s formal wear.

20w Above the jury and the public, the winner is Lange & Söhne, and the brand says “sold out”

Highlights 100-200k

First place in the popular vote

Such independent brands don’t have the money to promote themselves, but they can see how consumers like the design and the movement, and it’s a responsibility of the media to show that they are willing to help small brands like this for free.

Last year someone from a brand said to me, “Brother A, our piece won an award, but it’s not the hottest selling one.”

I replied, “We’re not a sales chart, we’re the new watch of the year, a guide for Chinese people to buy watches.”

I’ve heard many dealers or sales say, “Square watches don’t sell well, Chinese people like round ones.” My instinct is that there is no good marketing department to brainwash them, everyone sells round ones, if the square watches are sold bullishly, it is a great feature, look at Baoji’s oval is not a success, JLC’s flip is not a success? Isn’t Cartier’s tank a success?

A good watch is worth shouting and cheering for.

There are no products that don’t sell, only people who can’t do it right.

I’m still proud to see the result.

Yesterday I said, “Watch State Watch Awards, jury + public selection, fair and impartial, no porkies, no collaboration as a reference.”

As a result, my brand friend tweeted me: “Since we can win the award without collaboration, we need to work with Watch State even less.”


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